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Paul & Donna Cox

Kenya, Africa

Cox Waterfalll           

The Cox family is serving the Lord Jesus Christ as missionaries with Trans World Radio in Benin, West Africa.

In 2007 Paul, Donna, Nehemiah, Micah Joy & Miriam moved to Benin West Africa where Paul Cox is serving as a broadcast engineer for a new AM Radio station. This radio station is broadcasting in 14 languages from its powerful 100,000 watt AM Transmitter. This radio station has the potential to reach some 63 million people, many of whom belong to another major world religion.

According to Operation World, most West African nations have numerous un-reached people groups without an established indigenous evangelical church. Radio, then is one of the most relevant and cost effective ways to share Christ's love with people in this vast region.

In 2015, Paul and Donna Cox transitioned to reaching and teaching pastors in the region at the African Theological Seminary through affiliation with International Christian Ministries.

Learn more about the Cox family mission on their website "Parakaleo"